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All Pets. All Accidents. All the Time.

At Mohawk, we are committed to creating innovative products that make life better — for you and your pets. That’s why we offer both hard and soft surface flooring that is backed by our All Pet® Protection & Warranty.

Complete Stain Protection

  • All Pets
  • All Accidents
  • All the Time
<h2>All Pets</h2><h2>All Pets</h2>

All Pets

Every pet deserves to be considered part of the family. That’s why All Pet is the only comprehensive stain warranty with no pet exclusions.

<h2>All Accidents</h2><h2>All Accidents</h2>

All Accidents

All Pet floors are designed to cover all pets and their accidents. We all know that accidents happen. With All Pet, you don't have to read the fine print. Rest assured that your pet's accident will not stain your floor.

<h2>All the Time</h2><h2>All the Time</h2>

All the Time

With All Pet stain warranty, you don't have to worry about the protection wearing off over time. We know that pets are often repeat offenders. With All Pet floors, you have lifetime protection from pet stains.

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