living room with dark brown hardwood floors

Play Time

This is your world to explore. Let curiosity transform into self-expression in a look that invites your playful spirit to recall warm memories. Confetti resins, watercolor leathers and bold patterns remind us to enjoy life and have fun.

dark brown hardwood flooring swatch
hallway with light brown hardwood floors

Upscale Tradition

It’s time to think beyond the usual neutral or black-and-white palette. Whether it be glossy shades of orange or a bold green, color is key to establishing the ambience of a room and can take your entire design scheme to the next level. Remember that brighter rooms feel bigger and more inviting.

light brown hardwood flooring swatch
living room with light brown hardwood floors

Electric Expression

Channeling a bold and unrestricted voice, this style celebrates your unique voice. Use dimensional textures, digital weaves or laser cut wood to create a look that invokes the past and demands attention.

light brown hardwood flooring swatch
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