Cleaner & Greener

Mohawk's proprietary Continuum™ Process diverts millions of plastic bottles that were bound for landfills and oceans, and gives them new life by repurposing them into beautiful, stain-resistant, and sustainable carpet that is used in homes and businesses all over the world.

The Ultimate in PET Carpet

  • Cleaner Product
  • Cleaner Process
  • Cleaner Planet
<h2>Cleaner Product</h2><h2>Cleaner Product</h2>

Cleaner Product

Continuum creates a superior PET fiber by starting with the highest grade material available from recyled plastic bottles. The top quality FDA approved bottle resin helps enhance the yarn strength.

<h2>Cleaner Process</h2><h2>Cleaner Process</h2>

Cleaner Process

The Continuum multi-step purification process removes 95% of lubricants and impurities accumulated during the manufacturing process resulting in a cleaner, longer-lasting carpet that is better able to resist soil build-up and withstand traffic.

<h2>Cleaner Planet</h2><h2>Cleaner Planet</h2>

Cleaner Planet

The Continuum process keeps more than 3 billion bottles out of landfills each year and it uses less energy to product so Cintuum also helps reduce worldwide dependency on oil.

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