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Unmatched Realism

Mohawk's new GenuEdge technology features the most realistic hardwood looks ever seen in laminate and luxury vinyl flooring. This superior visual effect is achieved through an innovative process that allows the paper to wrap over the plank's edges, enhancing the hardwood realism.


  • Rolled edge that creates a more realistic wood visual
  • Laminate surface goes from edge to edge while creating a realistic break between planks
  • Includes a waterproof coating and produces a water-tight joint

Milled Bevel Edge

  • Angled cut edge that is covered by transfer foil or paint
  • Creates a distinct break between installed planks

Straight Edge

  • Created a smooth, flat finish
  • Provides a clean look

Outstanding Beauty. Unbeatable Performance.

  • True Hardwood Edge
  • Superior Realism
  • Waterproof Protection
  • Easy to Maintain
<h2>True Hardwood Edge</h2><h2>True Hardwood Edge</h2>

True Hardwood Edge

Our revolutionary new design allows the design and color to roll over the edge, just like hardwood.

<h2>Superior Realism</h2><h2>Superior Realism</h2>

Superior Realism

Advanced surface technology creates the best registered embossed designs ever seen in laminate and luxury vinyl flooring. 

<h2>Waterproof Protection</h2><h2>Waterproof Protection</h2>

Waterproof Protection

GenuEdge pressed bevel edges provide an additional layer of waterproof protection by allowing the decor layer to roll over the edge, integrating with the UniClic joint to create a watertight seal.

<h2>Easy to Maintain</h2><h2>Easy to Maintain</h2>

Easy to Maintain

Dust and dirt don't get trapped in the edges, like in wide bevel laminate floors. 

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