The Industry's Leading Locking System

The UniClic® glueless locking system allows for swift and seamless installation. With Uniclic, planks simple snap together to form tightly interlocked joints. This innovative system eliminates the need for adhesives that can complicate the installation process.

Easy to Install Flooring

  • Enhanced Joint Integrity
  • Quick, Easy Installation
  • Glueless
<h2>Enhanced Joint Integrity</h2><h2>Enhanced Joint Integrity</h2>

Enhanced Joint Integrity

A tension system designed to eliminate any unsightly gaps between planks for decreased creaking and mvement when walked on.

<h2>Quick, Easy Installation</h2><h2>Quick, Easy Installation</h2>

Quick, Easy Installation

Easily install planks by snapping them together via either an angle or horizontal installation method. 



No need for nails or any kind of adhesive to keep flooring planks together. 

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